No shoes for Yoga.


What do I need to wear to class?

Wear something that is comfortable and allows for stretching or movement.

What do I need to bring to class?

You will need to bring good shoes, yourself and a smile. We have everything else you need to take our classes. You can bring a water bottle if you want or we have water and other drinks available for purchase. We also have towels for you to use for your convenience.

What type of Shoes are best for classes?

A cross trainer that allows lateral movement is best for all of our classes. A shoe with a harder plastic bottom so that it doesn’t stick very much is best for Zumba. We go barefoot for Yoga:)

What if I have never done Zumba before?

No problem! We do 3-5 moves per song and we do the same songs week after week so you will get the full workout potential. It may take between 3-5 classes before you start to feel like you know the songs but once you get the moves you can follow them in any song:) We have a really great environment where we just come and have a good time, there is no “pressure” to get the moves right and everyone is busy watching the instructor anyway:)

I have physical limitations, can I still take classes?

Absolutely!! Just let your instructor know ahead of time what your restrictions are and we can modify moves for you. We have all people from all different age, size, and fitness abilities. We have chairs available for our classes too for those that are not able to stand to dance or get down to the floor with Yoga.

Is childcare available?

While we hope to have it in the future, unfortunately child care is not available at this time. Please do not bring your child “to watch” class as an option. We do not have the room for them and it is a huge invasion of privacy to those that are participating to have someone “watch” them!

What is the minimum age to participate?

We do not have one and we hope to keep it that way. We are HUGE advocates of families working out together. As long as your child is a participating part of the class and is not disruptive then they are welcome just like anyone else. We trust that you know your child and whether they are mature enough to participate or not. * Our classes are geared toward adults so sometimes we have songs that have a suggestive theme (like most radio songs do:( ) please be aware of this if your bringing younger children.

How much does it cost?

We have several options available. See our prices here

What form of payments do you accept?

Cash, Check, Visa and Mastercard. For those that really want to take classes and can’t afford it, we will offer a trade for cleaning services. Please email us to discuss if this is the option you need right now.

How does the Monthly Membership work?

The monthly membership automatically withdrawals from your credit or debit card at the same time each month. It can be month to month or a six month commitment. In the 6 month plan after the initial 6 month period you can cancel at any time with one payments notice. The membership gives you unlimited access to as many classes as you would like to take a month!

I’m Not flexible, can I still do Yoga?

ABSOLUTELY!! That is why you come to Yoga!! Yoga will help build flexibility and strength. Everyone starts at a different level and ANYONE can do Yoga!!

How early should I arrive before class?

Plan to arrive 5- 10 minutes early for class starts. Please try to be on time so there is adequate time to get checked in before class starts. Also, please be conscious of not arriving too early and interrupting the class before yours either. We have a 15 minutes break between classes to help with the switch so there is plenty of time to get everyone checked in within that time frame.